Foreign Affairs

War is always an unfortunate part of human existence. However, in the modern world, especially in the north american viewpoint war has become an increasingly present, but abstracted experience. Our popular media is filled with representations of war, but it is always happening in some far away land, fought by some far away people. I believe this has created a very detached perspective on war, and the very real way that it cuts into the lives of the people affected by it. "Foreign Affairs" was a series that came out of my need to express this. By over-laying drawings of war onto household scenes I seek to show the dual points of how abstracted war is for us, as well as how terrible it would be if it were not.

"Knock at the Door", C-type print, 2012

"APC in the Cupboard", C-type print, 2012

"Kitchen Tank", C-type print, 2012

"Naplam Living Room", C-type print, 2012