Kinship Project

For the Kinship project. I was randomly assigned to create a piece of art alongside another artist, on our own terms. I was assigned to work with the talented artist Leone McComas. Leone and I decided that we would become an extension of the other person, rather like how a pencil is an extension of an artist. We would carry out, through our own interpretation, an idea the other had but never completed, but with the implication of two rules. The first was that we could only explain our concept through a series of sketches, and the second was that we could have no explanation or help of interpretation after the sketches were traded. Through this fashion I was directed to create “Regina Vitor” an evil queen symbolizing, to Leone, the drawbacks of a extremist feminist viewpoint.

"Reginus Victoriam", Watercolour on Paper, 24"x26", 2014

A detail of the piece

"Enflux" by Leone McComas, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36"x48", 2014

The sketches on which "Reginus Victoriam" was based.