Pins & Needles

The scientific collection of data has always been an interest of mine, and so has the social aspects of gender. However, I have felt that the pure scientific approach leaves gaps in the understanding of the human condition, gaps that the sensitive qualities of art can speak to. Pins & Needles is a series of two black and wall prints of human torsos, one male and one female, hung beside each other. Between them a self-repeating stamp, with the shape of a needle on it. The pieces are hung in a public space with the stamp in the middle, encouraging the viewers to place the needle in the bodies, like one would with a voodoo doll. This intimate, pseudo-sadistic process leaves an impression of the social views of pain and sexuality that can them be used to interoperate it and understand the society better.

"Female 1" 36"x48, Ink Stamp and large scale print, 2012

"Male 1" 36"x48, Ink Stamp and large scale print, 2012

Work installed in a space